Meet the DCG Superstars

It’s 2020, and DCG is open and ready to welcome visitors to our Downtown Deland location!

Digital Communications Group (DCG) is a marketing solution that sells custom-built digital communication strategy services for businesses. 


The all-female DCG marketing team includes five superstars:



  • chrissyChrissy Clary - CEO, Chief Digital Strategist and Project Manager at DCG. With over 20 years of experience working in marketing roles at companies like NASA and Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University, Chrissy enjoys helping businesses produce articulate yet creative digital strategies that will achieve measurable results. She enjoys spending time with her son and two dogs, being involved in the local community and watching movies. 




  • rachelRachel McCray - Digital Strategist at DCG. Fun, adventurous and curious about all things, Rachel loves learning and discovering new things, especially related to music, traveling or history. She comes from a diverse marketing background with experience in finance, healthcare, and real estate. Rachel dreams of one day living on a tropical Island where she eats fruit and surfs all day.




  • abbyAbby Marion -  Social Media Manager at DCG. Coming from the agriculture industry, Abby brings experience in social media marketing and management as a Certified Hootsuite Professional and from working with her own Florida-based agricultural media outlet to promote a diverse client base. She enjoys working with youth agricultural programs, spending time with her cat, exploring aviation and playing trivia. Abby dreams of one day being a contestant on Jeopardy! or The Price is Right. 




  • sophiaSophia Hazzard - Junior Digital Strategist at DCG. When she started high school, she joined the DeLand High School Communications Academy and Club (now being the Junior Ambassador), as well as Growler, the student newspaper where she writes stories, sells ads and even designs pages. She’s certified in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and also Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator through taking digital video and multimedia courses. While working at DCG, Sophia has developed skills from being an intern, such as social media and project management.




  • sophiaSophia Abolfathi - Junior Designer at DCG. Sophia is responsible for all things visual here at DCG. Creative at the core, she has become fluent in graphic, web, and print design since she started working as an intern. She comes from a growing background, holding Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite certifications and has participated in several student film festivals in the past few years. At school, she is in her third year of the DeLand High School IB program and serves as its junior class representative. In her free time, she enjoys watching her favorite movies “Jurassic Park” and “Baby Driver”.



DCG makes the services of digital strategists available to more businesses by selling strategy, coaching and consulting services in blocks as small as five hours.


"Our goal at DCG is to help businesses of all sizes sort out the marketing technology landscape. We do this by connecting our community of digital strategists with the businesses who are ready to make their digital communications work for them," Clary explained.


DCG offers a variety of services including but not limited to; email marketing, website content creation, social media marketing, digital advertising, search engine optimization and app user acquisition. 


Come by today for your free 15-minute consultation, free digital marketing tips or just a snack - we’ve got a pretty stocked kitchen!


The DCG office is located at 112 West New York Ave #211 Deland, FL 32720.


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