Just-in-Time Learning: Definition, Tips, Concepts, Examples

What is Just-in-Time Learning?

By Chrissy Clary

According to Wikipedia, “Just-in-time learning is an approach to an individual or organizational learning and development that promotes need-related training that is readily available exactly when and how it is needed by the learner.”

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Just-in-Time Learning Help: Look Right! (video above)

Jakob Nielsen shares a real-world example of how contextual help can reduce confusion (and even saves lives). Provide user assistance exactly when needed, and people may actually read it.

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How To Create Just-In-Time Online Training

  • Create A Detailed Road Map
  • Pair Each Learning Objective With A Just-In-Time Online Training Activity
  • Focus On Relevant Work-Related Tasks And Skills
  • Create A Microlearning Online Resource Library
  • Develop Multiplatform-Friendly Online Training Content
  • Incorporate Real-World Online Training Opportunities
  • Integrate Social Support
  • Make Online Assessments Voluntary

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Just-in-time: Delivery that is not just in case

According to McKinnie, Stiver, and Treboni, in the ESLTECH 6223 Issues and Practices in Learning Technologies 2019 text:

“The concept of just-in-time training (JiTT) is derived from Toyota’s manufacturing concept.  JiTT is a way to deliver information when it is needed while a task is being performed and not just in case it is needed. While JiTT may have originated within the manufacturing industry, this philosophy has since transcended into other industries, including health professions and education. With more than “2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created every day, our increased access to data and its creation will continue to change not only the way we approach learning but the way we structure training as well” (Marr, 2018).”

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