Steps marketers can take to proactively mitigate the level of bot activity on their website

Consider how and when you announce new products. If you communicate the precise day and time for a limited product release to the public, it enables bot operators to schedule bot activity for that exact moment and makes it harder for your legitimate customers to access your site. The ticketing, sneaker and gaming industries all rely on this approach to generate buzz and demand, but it results in high levels of bot behavior on the day of launch.

Evaluate what functionality you put on your website. Businesses make decisions about their website based on consumer behavior and user experience. However, sometimes those decisions can backfire and become lucrative targets for automated bots. Comment fields, appointment scheduling and gift card balance audits are all examples of functionality that can be ravaged by bots. Even listing your pricing and proprietary content on your website is subject to web scraping.

Excerpted from: What’s Behind Your Web Traffic — Is it Human or Bots? By Edward Roberts, Director of Strategy, Application Security at Imperva

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