Quick Social Marketing Tips

By Chrissy Clary

Tips that stick in your brain that you can always remember when it comes to social marketing can be a real life saver. If you just go over the tips when it comes to something your thinking about planning or posting , kinda like a check list, you’ll be guaranteed to be an on-point social marketing master. Heres some of the most important ones to remember:

Quality over quantity: If what you are posting is not interesting or relevant than just don’t do it. People go online to be informed or be entertained; shoving coupons and advertisements at them will turn them off. Most important, your messages should be consistent, relevant and timely.

Identify your Audience: Know who your audience is and where they are communicating. There are lots of social media channels make sure if you are putting in the time you are in the right place. Forums and blogs often have more targeted audiences, so participating in those conversations may help you better reach your intended demographic.

If you are going to do it, than do it: No one likes fair-weather friends so if you are going to participate in the conversation you need to stick with it.

Don’t over extend yourself: Don’t hesitate to start small, maybe with one forum or community, to see how well it works for you. This will also help for future online communications planning by giving you an understanding of what is required for a successful program.

If at first you don’t succeed, try something new: Don’t be afraid to experiment, each business needs to develop a plan that fits their needs. Marketing plans need to stay flexible and evolving to keep up with advancing technology.

Guard you message: Just because it is happening fast you should not sacrifice your brand. The personalities that you create to communicate online need to be in line with the image you hope to present for your business.

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