Image Management with Online Conferences

By Sophia Hazzard

With the recent circumstances, you might find yourself having to do online work calls on Zoom, Skype or FaceTime more than ever. There is more to it than you think. It’s very important that you’re looking good while doing it. Your appearance plays a big role but there are many more things to keep in mind. Here at DCG we’re getting plenty of practice so we want to share with you a couple of pointers to keep in mind.

1. Setting

Where you’re at in general is something to keep in mind during a work call. You don’t want to be in a busy coffee shop with the sound of people talking, coffee brewing, and the door opening and closing. First, make sure you’re in a quiet, non-echo room. Where you sit in the room matters too. Sit somewhere with no distracting objects and clutter in the background. Don’t sit against a white wall either- maybe a book shelf or desk in the background.

2. Laptop Position

After finding the perfect location, you need to find the perfect position for your laptop.
It’s called a laptop but, that does not mean you should place it on your lap during an important work call. Make sure it isn’t positioned on a desk below eye level to where everyone is going to be looking at your double chin. Prop it up on a desk or stack of books to position it up high enough to where it’s level with your eyes. Also, don’t sit with a window behind you or above you because it will create weird, harsh shadows that will make it harder for someone to see you. You can either sit in front of a window or use your own light source. You will not have a successful call without proper sound. If the other people can’t hear you, try going into a different room, turning up the volume or using a certain mic like on headphones.

3. Looks

It isn’t always about the looks but it is good to not look like you just stumbled out of bed. Also, don’t literally be in bed, too. A little goes a long way if you just fix your hair, put on something professional, and maybe cover those bags a little bit. Just be sure that you look good from the waist up, since that is all people from behind the screen can see. So, yes you can keep your fuzzy socks and pajama pants on.

4. Pay attention

There’s many things you could do on an online conference call that shows the others that you are completely not interested in what they have to say. They may not be talking directly to you but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen and pay attention. Say someone is talking about something and you’re not paying attention and they ask you something pertaining to what they just said. Now you’re clueless because you weren’t listening. Don’t go on your phone, bite your nails or fidget with everything around you. Also, do NOT leave the room. That will distract everyone from what is going on and you could probably get in trouble or get you on your bosses bad side. Just sit up straight and look into the camera with a smile and great eye contact.

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