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Social insights, activated anywhere

We help brands build audiences. See how our data has helped a variety of clients build new audiences and predict their next new customers.

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Business Wire

Global PR and news distributor

Business Wire is a reliable global news distributor for news organizations, journalists, investment professionals and regulatory authorities. Business Wire allows your organization to run targeted press release distribution and disclosure targets. You can track campaign results and social analytics to refine your message. Reach over 200 countries, 20 different languages, and 100 media outlets with multimedia campaigns.

If your organization:

  • The website also has an informational PR blog, whitepapers, webinars and case studies to help educate and bring visitors back on a weekly basis.

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3D City

3D City are at the forefront in Sign making and Shop fitting

At our U.K head office in Bradford, West Yorkshire, we have an in house team of designers, fabricators, sign makers, joiners, builders and dedicated installation teams, all of whom draw on a wealth of experience to provide any particular project a truly outstanding finish.

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The shortcut for social shopping

Advermind Agency Suite is designed to help Media Agencies to get maximum efficiency with minimum resources.

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AdPoint Video

Video Ads for everyone!

AdPoint Video hits top performance goals in social, search and display advertising campaigns with our exclusive Dynamic Video Ads.

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AdFalcon by Noqoush

Mobile advertising and data platform

The first mobile advertising network in the MENA region, determined to set a new vision to the advertising industry in the Middle East

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Personalized dynamic video & display ads

AdElement helps performance marketers get Search like ROI with Display Ads. This is achieved by personalizing ads to highly targeted audience segments and algorithmically optimizing bids across biddable sources of inventory.

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Ad that Matter

Free promotion for your mobile applications in 3 easy steps.

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Don't let your email marketingbounce out of control

AccuValid provides email address verification to help your email marketing campaigns succeed by providing intelligence on invalid and suspect emails.

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Introducing Automatr for Drupal Marketing

Volacci Automatr is marketing automation software for Drupal. It makes menial marketing tasks fast, easy, and effective.

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